The Learning Journey in St. Louise’s begins at Key Stage 3 with an exciting, innovative and challenging curriculum designed to develop our students as individuals, contributors to society and to the economy.

Key Stage 3

Areas of LearningSubject Strands
Language and LiteracyEnglish and Media Education
Mathematics and NumeracyMathematics, Financial Capability
Science and TechnologyScience, Technology and Design and ICT
Religious EducationReligious Education
Environment and SocietyGeography and History
Learning for Life and WorkHome Economics and Learning for life and Work
Modern LanguagesFrench, Irish* and Spanish
Physical EducationPhysical Education
The ArtsArt and Design, Dance, Drama and Music

* Irish Fast Track – Students can complete GCSE Irish in Year 9

Key Stage 4

SectorsKey Stage 4
Arts, Media & PublicationGCSE Art and Design, GCSE Music, GCSE Drama, GCSE Dance, BTEC Level 2 in Performing Arts -Dance, GCSE Media
Business Administration and EnterpriseGCSE in Business and Communication Systems, Occupational Studies in Business and Services
Engineering and Manufacturing TechnologyGCSE Technology and Design
Health, Public Sector and CareGCSE Home Economics, Occupational Studies in Child Care, GCSE Learning for Life and Work
History and TheologyGCSE History, GCSE Religious Studies
Information and Communications TechnologyGCSE ICT, BTEC in Information and Creative Technology
Languages, Literature and CultureGCSE English, GCSE English Literature, GCSE French, Spanish and Irish, Fast Track Irish is offered to our Irish speaking students in Years 8 and 9, GCSE Gaeilge
Leisure, Travel and TourismGCSE Physical Education, OCR Level 2 National Certificate in Sport Science, BTEC Level 2 Travel and Tourism
Preparation for Life and WorkEssential Skills in Communication and Mathematics, Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, Employability Skills, Performance Skills
Retail and Commercial EnterpriseOccupational Studies in Hair Therapy and Beauty Therapy
Science and MathsGCSE Single Award Science, GCSE Double Award Science, BTEC Applied Science Level 2, GCSE Maths, GCSE Additional Maths
Social SciencesGCSE Sociology, GCSE Geography

Key Stage 5

SectorsKey Stage 5
Arts, Media & PublicationA-Level in Art and Design, A’Level in Music, A-Level in Theatre Studies, A’Level Dance, BTEC Level 3 in Performing Arts – Acting and Dance, A-Level Media, BTEC Creative Multi Media Production (I-Media), OCR Level 3 Photography
Business Administration and EnterpriseA-Level Applied Business Single and Double Award, BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Business and Management
Engineering and Manufacturing TechnologyA-Level in Technology
Health, Public Sector and CareA-Level Home Economics, A-Level Applied Health and Social Care, Diploma in Children’s Care, Learning and Development at Level 2 and 3, City and Guilds Level 2 in Playwork, BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality
History and TheologyA-Level History, A-Level Religious Studies
Information and Communications TechnologyA-Level Applied ICT, BTEC in Information and Creative Technology
Languages, Literature and CultureA-Level in English Literature, A-Level in French, Spanish and Irish
Leisure, Travel and TourismA-Level Physical Education, OCR Level 3 Sport, BTEC Level 3 Travel and Tourism
Preparation for Life and WorkEssential Skills in Communication and Mathematics, Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, Employability Skills, Performance Skills, OCN in Mentoring and Youth work, Young Enterprise programmes, Prince’s Trust, President’s Award
Retail and Commercial EnterpriseNVQ in Hair Therapy at Level 2 and 3, NVQ in Beauty Therapy at Level 2 and 3
Science and MathsA-Level Biology, A-Level Chemistry, A-Level Physics, A-Level Applied Science, A-Level Maths
Social SciencesA-Level Sociology, A-Level Geography, A-Level Economics, A-Level Politics

Reflection from Sister Anna

Dear parents and students. We hope you are continuing to keep safe and well. Please find in the link below a reflection from our school Chaplain, Sister Anna


Important Update from the Minister Regarding GCSE, AS and A’Level Examinations

Dear parents and students. Please find in the link below an important update from the Minister of Education regarding GCSE, AS and A’Level examinations. Read More »


Important Update Regarding EMA Payments

Post 16 students in receipt of EMA payments please note, week ending 25th December and 1st January are official school holidays and therefore are not eligible for EMA payments.  Week ending 8th January is the first week for payment in 2021, attendance will be recorded through online learning lessons. You must be registered in subject … Continued Read More »


Remote Learning Guidance

Dear parents and students. Remote learning for all students will commence from Thursday 7th January 2021. It is vital that all students log on at 8.55 from tomorrow morning and follow their normal school timetable. Please download the guidance on remote learning in the links below. Please email us with any queries or concerns. Read More »

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