Spotlight Showcase – A Beautiful Performance from our talented Dance Students

Last Thursday, the dance department should have had our annual showcase at Island Arts Centre.  This is a major event in our departmental calendar and something that all our students look forward to very much.

We recognise that for our senior students in particular, the showcase is such an important milestone in their St Louise’s’ dance graduation.  It is also an opportunity for students from across other year groups to showcase the excellent skills that they have developed throughout the year. 

We were reluctant for the students to miss out on their chance to showcase their work this year, therefore, we asked asked all the dancers to create a short clip of performance material that would have been included in the showcase or to create something new from their homes.  We compiled the clips to create a montage of memories.  

We were astounded by the response and are so very proud of the enthusiasm, creativity and resilience of our students.  It is wonderful to see their talent in action and that they are continuing to shine at home. 

  Please enjoy – 


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