The Drama Department nurtures the potential of every individual by facilitating dynamic and unique opportunities for creative, emotional and intellectual development.

Excellence as Standard


As an excellent department we will:

  1. Create a dynamic, nurturing and all inclusive department.
  2. Recognise and encourage the potential of all our students.
  3. Provide a fun and creative, forward thinking department.
  4. Provide a welcoming, supportive and inspiring Drama environment.
  5. Maintain and extend the excellent reputation of our department in our community and beyond.


As excellent staff we will:

  1. Nurture and care for the needs of our students and each other.
  2. Promote the vision and ethos of both our department and our school.
  3. Maintain our camaraderie, unique sense of passion and humour which enriches our relationships with our students.
  4. Encourage and support each other in our individual professional development.
  5. Embrace, welcome and support the needs of other colleagues in school and in the wider community.


As excellent students in the drama department we will:

  1. Remain loyal to our department by respecting the departmental ethos and expectations.
  2. Be committed to trying our best, working hard and being well prepared for learning.
  3. Be respectful of the Drama environment.
  4. Commit to developing our creativity and the creativity of others.
  5. Adopt a sense of resilience to cope with obstacles on our learning journey.

The drama department is a warm and friendly department. In drama we care about each other and support each other and always work with positivity and enthusiasm

The department is all inclusive and fully comprehensive. The subject is accessible to all our students and our KS3 drama curriculum and range of courses at KS4 and Post 16 courses provide choice for our students.

The drama department creates a family atmosphere to support and nurture every individual in our care. It is a happy department where the strong team of teachers, learners and community partners work together to achieve success at a personal and academic level.

We aim to develop self-esteem, confidence and a genuine sense of belonging within the department and the whole school. We believe that a positive frame of mind alongside grounded quality relationships shape happier and successful individuals.

There are five experienced members of staff and the drama department comprises four equipped studios, a computer suite, a written classroom, tutorial rooms and a drama theatre.

We aim to create lasting memories for our students so that they leave school with not only great academic success but also a real sense of self-worth and most importantly the skills to “perform better in life.”

Drama Department Staff

Mrs F. Nelson – Head of Department

Mrs J. Boyle

Mrs J. Coleman – Head of Year

Mrs B. Kelly – International and Community Links Co-ordinator & Educational Maintenance Allowance Co-ordinator

Mrs S. Lagan – Post 16 student Leadership Co-ordinator

Mrs C. McAfee

Mr Seamus Ob – Technician


FAO Primary 7 Parents

Principal, Miss Mary McHenry and Assistant Principal, Mrs Ellen Smyth will be available on Saturday 18th May from 10am-1pm to take calls regarding admission queries. Please contact us on the school number: 02890325631

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