Student Tracking and Assessment


  • Set high expectations and encourage high aspirations in partnership with parents, staff and students
  • Track student progress by assessing levels of ability and achievement on entry using CATS baseline testing, CATS at Key Stage 4, PASS data at Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 and Alps at Post 16
  • Set minimum target levels and grades for all students according to their abilities and aptitudes
  • Provide our students with an overview of their curriculum in all subjects through Learning and Assessment Calendars and Topic Models highlighting knowledge, skills and attitudes to become confident, successful learners
  • Give our students opportunities to engage in a wide range of assessment for learning activities including peer and self-assessment
  • Monitor the academic progress of every student through our Assessment for Learning model using outcomes from challenging Learning Opportunities
  • Mentor students throughout the year using staff, peers and Post 16 students
  • Engage students in one-to-one Learning Conversations and draw up Personalised Learning Plans which are shared with all stakeholders
  • Review progress of all students every six weeks and update parents
  • Provide Progress Updates to parents at all Key Stages, three times per year
  • Provide our students with a wide range of activities which enable them to identify their talents and strengths and overcome any barriers to learning through a Learning to Learn Programme
  • Involve our students in co-constructing learning
  • Ensure that all students reach their full potential through a range of intervention strategies which enable all learners to achieve excellence
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