Key Stage 4 Curriculum

SectorsKey Stage 4
Arts, Media & Publication GCSE Art and Design, GCSE Music, GCSE Drama, GCSE Dance, BTEC Level 2 in Performing Arts -Dance, GCSE Media
Business Administration and Enterprise GCSE in Business and Communication Systems, Occupational Studies in Business and Services
Engineering and Manufacturing Technology GCSE Technology and Design
Health, Public Sector and Care GCSE Home Economics, Occupational Studies in Child Care, GCSE Learning for Life and Work
History and Theology GCSE History, GCSE Religious Studies
Information and Communications Technology GCSE ICT, BTEC in Information and Creative Technology
Languages, Literature and Culture GCSE English, GCSE English Literature, GCSE French, Spanish and Irish, Fast Track Irish is offered to our Irish speaking students in Years 8 and 9, GCSE Gaeilge
Leisure, Travel and Tourism GCSE Physical Education, OCR Level 2 National Certificate in Sport Science, BTEC Level 2 Travel and Tourism
Preparation for Life and Work Essential Skills in Communication and Mathematics, Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, Employability Skills, Performance Skills
Retail and Commercial Enterprise Occupational Studies in Hair Therapy and Beauty Therapy
Science and Maths GCSE Single Award Science, GCSE Double Award Science, BTEC Applied Science Level 2, GCSE Maths, GCSE Additional Maths
Social Sciences GCSE Sociology, GCSE Geography


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