Kairos - God’s Special Time. Kairos is a space and an opportunity for personal ‘Time-out’ to grow in appreciation of oneself and God.

The Kairos Centre is a bungalow in the grounds of St Louise’s, providing a welcoming, warm, bright and beautiful environment for a ‘Time out’ experience for students.

‘Time out’ days for the post-sixteen students began in 2008 as a further development of the Retreat experience at the pre-sixteen stage. The days are designed as time away from the demands and stress of post-sixteen studies, social activities and the incessant intrusion of mobile phones. Rather, the emphasis is on time for reflection, fun, sharing of stories and food, prayer and creativity. Above all, there is space to deepen or awaken one’s sense of identity as God’s beloved person. The invitation to become ‘no-one but oneself’ is challenging to a young person growing up in an increasingly materialistic secular environment, which seduces people to conform to values and lifestyles presented in the media. The interaction between the participants in a ‘Time out’ day, which includes two facilitators, encourages looking beyond the immediate stage of life to consider the possible options and the outcomes of the choices which are made.

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