International Schools

International Schools Award

St Louise’s achieved the full award in September 2012 for three years and will reapply for full accreditation in January 2015.

Celebration of Culture Day — One World Day

For the past three years St Louise's has hosted a celebration of culture day when our students from different ethnic minorities have the opportunity to dress in their traditional dress and cook food from their native countries. All of our Year 8 students and Primary 6 and 7 pupils from our local primary school have the opportunity to experience this event.

For the past 4 years St Louise's have hosted sixth year students and two teachers from a school in Sweden. They have a tour of St Louise's, visiting classes and asking questions about peace and reconciliation.

European Studies

St Louise's is involved in the Junior and senior European Studies Project. Our students have the opportunity to communicate with students from different international schools and work on a project together through the use of ICT.

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