Community relations within education should help young people to gain an appreciation and understanding of their own tradition, a respect for others, and an appreciation of the importance of equality by enabling learners to look for and celebrate their similarities as well as understanding and respecting difference.

(CRED Policy DE 2011)


Year 8 students from St Louise's work collaboratively with Year 8 students from Girls’ Model School, together with the adults with learning disabilities, on a project focused on LLW, Dance and Drama. The young people meet in each other’s schools and work towards a performance which examines Equality and Diversity.

Adults with Learning Disabilities from the Belfast North and West Trust The adults have been attending St Louise's from 2007 and work alongside our students in Year 11 and 12 on a Drama project. Some of our A’ Level Drama students teach the adults Drama once a week.

Other CRED Initiatives in St Louises:

  • Spirit of Generosity
  • Extended Schools
  • Student Council
  • Pupil Voice in the Learning and Teaching and Pastoral Domain
  • Class Charters
  • Assemblies
  • Links with the community (YPI)
  • Reaching Out Team
  • Healthy School
  • Anti-Bullying (anti-bullying ambassadors, sixth form)
  • Successful Pastoral Programme (lessons)
  • Reading buddies
  • Language Assistants at GCSE and A’ Level
  • European Day of Languages
  • International students from Universities
  • joining
  • ethos
  • publications
  • A video takeing you through our school
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