Additional Educational Needs

St. Louise’s staff are highly skilled in addressing the needs of all learners and provide differentiated support at all times. We successfully meet the needs of all students including those with additional learning needs and the gifted and talented through our personalised learning approach.

For our valued partners, our students we:

  • Engage in early identification and intervention, availing of the knowledge of parents and primary school teachers
  • Provide individual support through fully qualified classroom assistants
  • Access on-going assistance from relevant and appropriate external agencies
  • Provide a happy, sensitive and secure pastoral care environment which complements effective learning
  • Use a variety of teaching methods and strategies which encourage active, creative and independent learning
  • Develop and review Individual Educational Plans in partnership with parents, students and staff
  • Ensure that improvements and achievements are recognised, recorded and rewarded where appropriate
  • Ensure the development of all teachers to meet the needs of the learner
  • Provide high quality Intervention Programmes in Literacy and Numeracy and across other curriculum areas to meet the needs of all learners including the gifted and talented
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